Welcome to the Elmbridge Drama Festival, one of the first round knock-out stages of the annual All England Theatre Festival, the only country-wide contest for one-act plays in performance throughout England.

The 2019 Elmbridge Drama Festival will be held on 31 May.  We are delighted to welcome back Keith Phillips as the Adjudicator.

The Elmbridge Drama Festival Committee is also delighted to be hosting the All England Theatre Festival Eastern Area Final at the Walton Playhouse on 1 June with Jill Colby adjudicating.


The Elmbridge Drama Festival provides an opportunity for amateur drama groups to compete against other theatre companies and to benefit from the adjudication they receive to improve the quality of their performance.


It also provides social contact so that we can share the experience to our mutual benefit.


The All England Theatre Festival Commitment is to:

  • To organise an annual one act play festival open to any amateur group in England

  • To stimulate local competitive local theatre at its finest

  • To be open to all comers

  • To provide a platform for original works

Find out who the winners were in 2017

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