Elmbridge Arts Council and the Elmbridge Drama Festival are grateful for the generous support and sponsorship received from the RC Sherriff Trust and Robert Philipps Bequest.


About the R C Sherriff Trust 

The R C Sherriff Trust is an independent charitable trust with the aim of advancing and developing the arts in the Borough of Elmbridge in Surrey.


R C Sherriff lived in Esher until his death in 1975, whereupon he left  his estate to Elmbridge Borough Council for social and cultural purposes. The capital realised established the RC Sherriff Trust.

R C Sherriff started out writing short plays for performance by members of Kingston Rowing Club to raise money for a new boat.


One of his first efforts, Journey's End, was recognized as a masterpiece and, in 1929, became a West End hit, starring initially the young Laurence Olivier.


From his humble beginnings as an insurance man he was rocketed to fame as a professional writer, later moving into the glamorous world of Hollywood as a screenwriter. Among Sherriff's most famous screenplays are Goodbye Mr Chips, The Invisible Man and The Dambusters.

About the Charity of Robert Phillips

The Charity of Robert Phillips is administered by Elmbridge Bororough Council.

The Charity is established to allocate grants in respect of:-

(a) the provision of land and buildings to be settled upon trust for use for the purpose  of a public library or public museum or any similar charitable purpose, or the
maintenance of any such institution; and/or

(b) the promotion of education in the appreciation of music, drama and the fine arts.

When the Charity became active in 1992 the Trustees agreed that in the early years they would disburse the income but not the capital of the Trust and they therefore tend to favour category (b).

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